MoU with NCR

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Between the National Center for Physics, Islamabad and the  

University of Science & Technology, Bannu.

Research Collaboration 

This Memorandum of Understanding (the MoU) is made at Islamabad on this    19th   day   May   2014.


National Center for Physics, Islamabad (hereinafter referred to as the "NCR") of the first part, 


The University of Science & Technology, Bannu (hereinafter referred to as the (USTB), of the second part,

WHEREAS recognizing that mutual scientific and technical cooperation will advance the state of science, engineering and technology within the country and strengthen the technological infrastructure and will bring benefits to both sides, do hereby agree to cooperate in future. NCR and USTB undertake to pursue a program of scientific and technical collaboration for the exchange of ideas, skills and techniques on problems of mutual interest as agreed from time to time.

The purpose of this MoU is to provide framework to USTB, and NCR to cooperate and coordinate 
with ;each other on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

A formal Linkage between USTB, and NCR is considered vital to boost research and technical cooperation in the areas of basic and applied physics, to advance the state of science and technology in general and physics in particular within the country and to bring benefit to both sides by sharing resources wherever possible.

 both the parties have entered into the Memorandum of Understanding on the following terms:-

1.    Exchange and training of scientific and technical personnel for teaching, research and development in the field of Engineering, Physics, Electronics, Environmental Sciences, Bio-Sciences, Nano Catalysis, and related areas. Boarding and lodging for research visitors, if needed, will be provided by NCR and USTB, in their respective premises.
2.  Joint or co-operated scientific research and technological development programmes in selected areas of mutual interest.
3.   Holding of joint conferences, seminars, and symposia workshops and invited lectures on national and international level.
4.   Supervision of research students in selected areas of mutual interest.
5.   Visits and use of each other's research, teaching and computing facilities.
6. Employees of NCR and USTB, will be given concession/relaxation in fees/research expenditures at each other's institute/centre.
7.  Exchange of archives, publications and information.
8.  Other mutually agreed academic programs/projects.  

Vision of the ORIC

To promote and strengthen research and patent  culture in University of Science & Technology Bannu and develop strong university-industry linkages in order to encourage and accelerate the process of creation and diffusion of knowledge that would serve the objective of establishment of HEI.