Function of ORIC

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  • To work under the directions of HEC.
  • Conduct two meetings a year with HEC.
  • Identifying and informing the faculty about the research grants opportunities for them to apply and then assist theirs in acquiring funds from international and national funding agencies.
  • To keep track of all the researches carried out in the university by faculty and staff and then commercialize the relevant research to reap maximum benefit for the industry and therefore translating the research into the public benefit.
  • To deal with plagiarism cases and to advance an anti-plagiarism culture via powerful software for detecting plagiarism i.e. turnitin.
  • Facilitate knowledge disseminations and flow of communication through arranging conferences, symposium, and training programs.
  • Maintain a web-page for ORIC on (he website of UST Bannu and regularly update the same on the activities of ORIC, data regarding funding/donor agencies and information about inter-linkages. 

Vision of the ORIC

To promote and strengthen research and patent  culture in University of Science & Technology Bannu and develop strong university-industry linkages in order to encourage and accelerate the process of creation and diffusion of knowledge that would serve the objective of establishment of HEI.