Aims & Objectives

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  • Develop infrastructure, research programs and policies which are in line with the educational, social & economic priorities of the university and other stakeholders.
  • To encourage and promote high quality of research in view of modern trends, which classifies University of Science & Technology Bannu (UST Bannu), as among the best research oriented HESs.
  • To provide strategic and operational support to the UST Banm research activities/program, and to have a central role in facilitating the UST Bannu research outcomes.
  • Develop  appropriate  mechanism  and  activities  for the  effective  linkages  with  universities  (national/international)  and  other stakeholders.
  • Providing support to the students and faculty in their research by facilitating their access to the modern instruments and research facilities.
  • To adopt strategies for the promotion of applied research in order to improve the economy of the country.
  • To develop and encourage collaborations / partnership with universities to form joint research ventures.
  • To encourage the researchers of the university to publish their research work in high repute peer reviewed journals.
  • To promote entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and patent culture for the .commercialization of research output in order to strengthen national economy.
  • Improve the recruitment and retention of highly qualified manpower both at academic and administration level.
  • To introduce awards and cash prizes for the best researchers in order to create competitive environment for the creation of better research activities in the university.
  • Ensure that the Quality of research reflects the highest standards and advances the ranking of University of Science & Technology Bannu among the world best research institutes.

Vision of the ORIC

To promote and strengthen research and patent  culture in University of Science & Technology Bannu and develop strong university-industry linkages in order to encourage and accelerate the process of creation and diffusion of knowledge that would serve the objective of establishment of HEI.